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National Service Carbine
A re-do of my older NSC done in illustrator.
Lower one's a paratroop model with a folding stock similar to the MAS-36
Carbine, Parachutist, Model of 1959
My first drawing in Adobe Illustrator! Might end up doing other versions of this at some point.

Commonwealth Arsenal - Carbine, Parachutist, Model of 1959

Type: Assault Rifle

Place of origin: Commonwealth of Cockaygne

Service history

In service: 1959

Production history

Designer: Commonwealth Arsenal

Designed 1955-1959

Produced 1959 - Present

Number built: 300,000

Variants: Standard, Support Weapon


Weight: 3.8 KG loaded

Length: 740mm

Barrel Length: 375mm

Rifling: 4 Grooves: Right Hand twist

Calibre: .280

Action: Direct Impingement 

Rate of fire: 850 RPM

Feed system: 20 and 35 round box magazines

Sights Adjustable aperture rear sight, Front blade sight

Sidearms of the Cockaygne Armed Forces
Though not issued, certain military personnel including enlisted officers, airmen, vehicle or weapon crews and yeomen are permitted to carry privately purchased sidearms. These are a selection of the most commonly encountered sidearms in the Cockay armed forces. 
Malcom III - XXVI - Line Pattern Rifle (Smokeless)
A turn of the century breechloader obviously influenced by the remington breechloader. Exactly the sort of thing Cockaygne would have been interested in during it's heyday.
Despite it's obsolescence , it was issued to local militias and unlucky reservists into the 1950s.

Malcom III - XXVI - Line Pattern Rifle (Smokeless)

Type: Rolling block rifle

Place of origin: Commonwealth of Cockaygne

In service: 1870 to 1950


Production history

Designer: Commonwealth Arsenal

Designed 1867-1870

Produced 1870-1928

Number built: ~ 1 million

Variants : Cavalry carbine



Weight: 4.2 KG

Length: 1080mm

Barrel Length: 630mm

Rifling: 4 Grooves: Right Hand twist

Calibre: 8x50mm

Action: Breech Loading (Rolling Block)

Muzzle velocity: 740 m/s

Sights: Rear leaf sight, blade front sight

I'm back at college now so don't expect frequent updates.
Should have a variant sheet for the WMA RSSCTA up soon enough.



of these poppy fields
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United Kingdom
I'm Wolo and I draw firearms.

PS. Don't use, modify, alter or transfer my work to a different medium without my express written permission. If you want to do anything like this, feel free to ask. Just don't be a dick about it if I refuse <3.

Favourite genre of music: Metal
Favourite photographer: Faither
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